Data equals oil. It’s that simple. Tom: data specialises in big data solutions, data analytics, social analytics data, predictive analytics and CRM management. We are one of the few agencies in the world that create our own data then use this for end-to-end data solutions to connect with customers.


Big Data Solutions

Tom: thumb big data solutions give every client the opportunity to access targeted and pre-qualified audiences and then accelerate connectivity to them through automated communications. Businesses can power up their conversion strategies, accelerate sales and ultimately grow new customers.


Data Analytics

Tom: Data Analytics is a service our agency provides to capture and measure campaign activity. We help our clients visualise and understand what type of data they need to capture as a business and then use this information to identify what opportunities exist for them.


Social Analytics

Tom: Social Analytics helps uncover new insights about target audiences. We use industry leading social analytics software to track emotion and sentiment in social conversation about your brand and products. We then turn these into actionable outcomes. 



In today’s business world it’s critical to have an effective CRM system in place. Tom: CRM management helps your business implement the right software as a way to gain customer response insights and manage new data.


Predictive Analytics

If your business has too much data and not sure where to start, Tom: predictive analytics can help. We analyse data findings, pinpoint opportunities and use these predictions to create targeted campaign driven solutions and outcomes.