automated communications

In an age of digital transformation, Tom: automated communications provides solutions for businesses to personally talk to a mass audience at the same time. We use a combination of Facebook Messenger, chatbots and electronic mail to enhance customer convenience and drive real-time responsiveness.



Tom: Facebook Messenger drives connectivity to customers at the moment of conversion. Our team specialises in developing real-time customer conversations with an average conversion rate of 68%. Messenger marketing means businesses can establish engagement, convert sales and support customer retention.


chatbot creation

The step beyond Facebook Messenger marketing is having the technology to qualify an enquiry before it reaches your customer conversion team. To do this, we create Tom: Chatbots that simulate real human conversation and are responsive to your customer enquiries 24/7.

We use a Customer Architecture Language Tree (CALT) to help pre-qualify customers, perfect for online shopping brands.



If you thought email marketing was out, think again. Tom: EDM’s are created with powerful messages and big data solutions designed to speak to mass audiences. We use automated technology to help grow customer acquisition and increase sales conversion.