Brand Development

Whether a business wants to create a new brand or update their existing one, our Tom: team are experts in this space. We have created award-winning brands on a global scale. By combining a deep understanding of design thinking, marketing positioning and excellence in visual design, we give brands their unique code. 

Design Thinking

Tom: design thinking utilises elements from the creative toolkit - like empathy and experimentation - to arrive at innovative solutions. By using design thinking, we can make predictions and decisions to provide future customers with what they really want, rather than relying on historical data or making high-risk decisions based on instinct instead of evidence.


Market Positioning

Tom: design thinking gives us the pathway to arrive at and provide a unique position for brands. By owning a market position - such as ‘Innovation’ for Nike -  is the first step to creating authenticity for customers and valuable market share. Tomorrow’s customers depend on a single-minded conversation to make a connection to brands.


Visual Design

Tom: visual designs create unique identities for brands to connect with tomorrow’s customers. Our internationally acclaimed design team combine special design, typography, logo design, image making, photography and film to make each brand stand out. We believe that visual design is vital to the success of any leading business or brand.