Tom: is a full service digital + technology + sociall agency like no other. We provide end-to-end services to solve digital + revenue generating challenges with the aim of accelerating businesses. Our services include:

business intelligence

Tom: are made up of a brilliant team of business strategists, digital + creative visionaries and expert consultants who have come together to create forward-thinking business solutions.

We analyse and uncover relevant market opportunities for every business, offering a better way of thinking and solutions to achieve better results. To do this, we use a targeted approach which includes: a brand audit, in-depth market insight and a tailored strategy.


brand audit

Our Tom: brand audit process is designed to lift the hood and really get to know how a business works. This auditing usually takes place in our initial Tom: Discovery Session, giving us the opportunity to learn what makes each business unique and find the best innovative solutions.


market insight

Tom: provides national and international market knowledge for every industry we work with. Whether it’s the SEAPAC region, Asia, Europe, United States or the Australian market, we have access to current market shifting intelligence and analytics. This knowledge adds essential insights for businesses and results in strong strategic solutions.



A strong strategic approach means that Tom: sets brands apart and accelerates businesses fast. By creating a vision for innovation, we use tailored strategies to establish longevity for brands in market. This high-level strategic thinking helps to establish market share and creates a brand’s unique identity, ultimately building a sustainable business.

Brand Development

Whether a business wants to create a new brand or update their existing one, our Tom: team are experts in this space. We have created award-winning brands on a global scale. By combining a deep understanding of design thinking, marketing positioning and excellence in visual design, we give brands their unique code. 

Design Thinking

Tom: design thinking utilises elements from the creative toolkit - like empathy and experimentation - to arrive at innovative solutions. By using design thinking, we can make predictions and decisions to provide future customers with what they really want, rather than relying on historical data or making high-risk decisions based on instinct instead of evidence.


Market Positioning

Tom: design thinking gives us the pathway to arrive at and provide a unique position for brands. By owning a market position - such as ‘Innovation’ for Nike -  is the first step to creating authenticity for customers and valuable market share. Tomorrow’s customers depend on a single-minded conversation to make a connection to brands.


Visual Design

Tom: visual designs create unique identities for brands to connect with tomorrow’s customers. Our internationally acclaimed design team combine special design, typography, logo design, image making, photography and film to make each brand stand out. We believe that visual design is vital to the success of any leading business or brand.

campaign development

At Tom: we design bespoke campaigns for brands to connect with tomorrow’s customers. Whether a brand wants to launch their company or product, sell services or create unique content, Tom: has delivered market-leading communications in every international market.


brand launch

Tom: has launched some of the most powerful brands in the market today including Nike Running, Mercedes Benz electric cars, Future Hub trend intelligence, Carlsberg Supermodels, Selfridges & Co, Adidas &-3, MODA luxury media platform and more. Wanting to take your brand to market? We are your agency.


product launch

Tom: product launches focus on accelerating brand awareness, sales and new customer acquisition. Each product launch involves a collection of activity usually encompassing digital, social, mobile activations, cultural activity, influencers and more. Tom: has launched products for Samsung, Mercedes Benz, Monster UK and more.


content creation

Social Media connectivity has blown up the world of conversations. Tom: creates beautiful, engaging content for brands and has worked with Sportsgirl, Adidas, Topshop, Aquila, BMW, Future Hub and more. Our content helps brands build cultural connectivity to customers, results in direct sales and provides analytical insights for businesses.


Tom: digital focuses on the world of connectivity that exists between brands and their customers. We look at all aspects of digital congruence from digital strategy, user experience design (UX), to e-commerce design and apply these to user interface designs (UI). Digital innovation is the heart and soul of our agency.



Tom: digital strategy helps businesses define their digital futures. We look at how to grow brand awareness, connect with global audiences and apply agile solutions to support brand thirsty customers. These days, just having a website isn't enough – we believe thinking must be around the demand of tomorrow’s customers and beyond.


UX design

Tom: digital user experience design (UX) looks at innovative ways to provide customers with the most convenient and user-friendly experience. Our one click solution ensures users convert to sales, reaching digital strategy goals. We make sure their experience on your site is smooth, informative and efficient.


UI design

Tom: user interface design (UI) is the result of a strong digital strategy and user experience design. Our digital design team has produced award-winning user interface designs for brands including Topman, BMW, Nike, Puma, Virgin Australia, PGA, Future Hub and more.


We are living in a time where the mobile smartphone has become the most important communication device in today’s world. Tom: mobile specialises in connection and engagement between brands and customers through leading mobile web design, mobile app development and geo-targeted campaigns.


mobile web design

If your website is not optimised for smartphone users, you are missing out on connecting to over 90% of your customers. Tom: mobile web design ensures that a website can translate into an effective and responsive design for smartphone users. We look at everything from the readability of content, speed, conversation outcomes and more.


mobile app development

Tom: mobile app development exists to help businesses develop and create the app they desire. Our approach comprises of a combination of mobile strategy, user behaviour & user experience technology, user experience and interface design, tech functionality, mCommerce and more. We work with businesses to create these app solutions for both Android and iOS and then launch to market on the App Store and Play Store.


geo targeted campaigns

Our Tom: Team develops mobile-driven campaigns across social media then activates these through location-based media solutions. Whether your business wants to connect with people within a specific geographical location or drive redeemable offers in-store, our campaigns are designed to generate conversions

social media

Social media is the most powerful mass communication channel for building social currency for individuals, businesses, groups and then connecting to a global audience. Tom: social media teams specialise in setting up social media business channels, attracting custom audiences and targeted ad campaigns. We have created more than 8 million leads for businesses in the last year.


business channel set up

Tom: social media business channels set up and achieve success by measuring four performance goals. These include brand awareness, lead generation, customer service and driving traffic. We specialise in developing Facebook and Instagram business channels and create associated content.


custom audiences

Tom: social media teams are experts at preparing customer audiences datasets for businesses. We look at locations, behaviours, interests, AB demographic attributes, income and who is most likely to connect with a business. Through the analysis of these areas, we are able to directly connect with target audiences.


targeted ad campaigns

Tom: social media teams create a full stack of ads aimed to drive leads for each custom audience created. We work with a 'test and iterate' strategy for targeted ad campaign sets. On Facebook, we run multiple campaigns simultaneously to help identify the highest converting and most successful method.

automated communications

In an age of digital transformation, Tom: automated communications provides solutions for businesses to personally talk to a mass audience at the same time. We use a combination of Facebook Messenger, chatbots and electronic mail to enhance customer convenience and drive real-time responsiveness.



Tom: Facebook Messenger drives connectivity to customers at the moment of conversion. Our team specialises in developing real-time customer conversations with an average conversion rate of 68%. Messenger marketing means businesses can establish engagement, convert sales and support customer retention.


chatbot creation

The step beyond Facebook Messenger marketing is having the technology to qualify an enquiry before it reaches your customer conversion team. To do this, we create Tom: Chatbots that simulate real human conversation and are responsive to your customer enquiries 24/7.

We use a Customer Architecture Language Tree (CALT) to help pre-qualify customers, perfect for online shopping brands.



If you thought email marketing was out, think again. Tom: EDM’s are created with powerful messages and big data solutions designed to speak to mass audiences. We use automated technology to help grow customer acquisition and increase sales conversion.



Data equals oil. It’s that simple. Tom: data specialises in big data solutions, data analytics, social analytics data, predictive analytics and CRM management. We are one of the few agencies in the world that create our own data then use this for end-to-end data solutions to connect with customers.


Big Data Solutions

Tom: thumb big data solutions give every client the opportunity to access targeted and pre-qualified audiences and then accelerate connectivity to them through automated communications. Businesses can power up their conversion strategies, accelerate sales and ultimately grow new customers.


Data Analytics

Tom: Data Analytics is a service our agency provides to capture and measure campaign activity. We help our clients visualise and understand what type of data they need to capture as a business and then use this information to identify what opportunities exist for them.


Social Analytics

Tom: Social Analytics helps uncover new insights about target audiences. We use industry leading social analytics software to track emotion and sentiment in social conversation about your brand and products. We then turn these into actionable outcomes. 



In today’s business world it’s critical to have an effective CRM system in place. Tom: CRM management helps your business implement the right software as a way to gain customer response insights and manage new data.


Predictive Analytics

If your business has too much data and not sure where to start, Tom: predictive analytics can help. We analyse data findings, pinpoint opportunities and use these predictions to create targeted campaign driven solutions and outcomes.