social media

Social media is the most powerful mass communication channel for building social currency for individuals, businesses, groups and then connecting to a global audience. Tom: social media teams specialise in an end-to-end service from creating your social media strategy, setting up social media business channels, creating custom audiences and creating targeted ad campaigns. We have created more than 8 million leads for businesses translating into a 38.5% conversion in the last year.


business channel set up

Tom: social media business channels set up and achieve success by measuring four performance goals. These include brand awareness, lead generation, customer service and driving traffic. We specialise in developing Facebook and Instagram business channels and create associated content.


custom audiences

Tom: social media teams are experts at preparing customer audiences datasets for businesses. We look at locations, behaviours, interests, AB demographic attributes, income and who is most likely to connect with a business. Through the analysis of these areas, we are able to directly connect with target audiences.


targeted ad campaigns

Tom: social media teams create a full stack of ads aimed to drive leads for each custom audience created. We work with a 'test and iterate' strategy for targeted ad campaign sets. On Facebook, we run multiple campaigns simultaneously to help identify the highest converting and most successful method.