iBMW Social

1.1 million BMW Born Electric fans

launching a new social category 

Our team were charged with the task of creating the social media platform for iBMW - Born Electric.   


Establish iBMW's eco footprint through their brand new electric range and capture the premium electric auto market.  


We identified early on that the auto electric category was still brand new in market. Our job was to educate BMW customers on the benefits of going electric, debunking range anxiety and putting iBMW on the consideration set of a fast growing electric customer.

Taking these 3 key insights onboard, we produced the most engaging social media content through Instagram + Facebook. Our strategy was to connect iBMW electric features through authentic story telling. We assembled a range of people to connect to each targeted customer group then created bite sized stories, each within 60 secs.



Shooting over 400 pieces of content with only 2 electric models. Using social media to personalise follower enquiries and convert these into test-drives and sales. 



Growing an entirely new category for the BMW Group. Connecting to more than 1.1 million iBMW followers across the globe.  

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