Artificial Intelligent Teacher


Welcome to the future of education, Ai Teacher eDNA.

eDNA stands for Education is my DNA. She is an Ai driven Teacher who lives alongside a student’s educational journey. She is an Ai driven Teacher who lives alongside a student’s educational journey.

This is a work in progress concept developed for Laureate Digital, part of the global education company The Laureate Group.



The education industry must prepare for major disruption. Future income streams for people will depend on a mixture of basic income, individual business income and a premium skilled workforce. Artificial intelligence and automation present the biggest opportunity for businesses to evolve into the next century. eDNA is the answer to future education.



eDNA has the ability to design an educational journey based on a students personal interests, accredited course desires and grow with the student by adding market relevant workshops/courses /soft skills and more.

Just how futuristic are we talking? In the same way that Amazon Alexa delivers home/office automated communication, eDNA is built with machine learning capabilities.

She will know everything there is to know about a student's learning journey, from personal timings, learning styles and how to deliver meaningful premium content. Gone are the days of Search, eDNA will bring content and courses to the user.  




Combining Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking, Future Hub EDNA is an incubator concept catering for a higher level of education. This is a Design Tech school for the next generation of student. It fosters innovation and helps students develop their Ai + Tech + Design Thinking education.

Deryll Naidoo