Creating a global luxury companion.


MODA is our digital & social media trending luxury marketplace made for a next-generation new luxury audience.


Tom: identified an opportunity in market to create our very own luxury media platform targeting a millennial and Gen-Z audience. MODA gives clients and partners access to multiple highly engaged platforms on Facebook, Instagram and WeChat to connect their brands in conversation and converting these into sales outcome. MODA is special because we use everyday vernacular to talk about the world of luxury, connecting to a mass audience and unstuffing the perception of traditional luxury.

Our content is curated to drive connectivity to a global audience with a specific conversation set up for Western, Chinese, Japanese and Korean audiences.


Our key point of difference for MODA is assembling a team of MODA social influencers to create unique content about a brand, their products and services. Best yet, they do it in their own style to connect with their own followers for authenticity. These are individuals who have grown their personal social following to mass numbers.

As a global platform, we are experimenting with #WeChat for a Chinese audience, #Line for Japanese audience and #Kakao for a Korean audience. The content 

Deryll Naidoo