PGA Live App+

On-ground access to live coverage and results of PGA Tour.



The best thing about experiencing live sport is the thrill and adrenalin of it. It is unstoppable! The worst thing about it is the lack of experiencing the total action, particularly in the world of golf. 


Golfing fans following their favourite player around the course means missing out on the remaining action, insights and total coverage. 


We developed the PGA LIVE mobile platform with a single-minded purpose of providing real-time live coverage at major golfing events.


Using near-field connectivity (NFC) gives event attendees access to LIVE broadcast and bespoke content. This allows attendees the opportunity to keep up with a full days activity from anywhere on the ground.

Our UX and UI teams approached the interface design solution with optimised loading and a beautiful multi-video channel solution. The platform contains 18 hours of exclusive live coverage through broadcast partner Channel 10, multiple live video streams from inaccessible areas such as players lounge, the debut of a new 360 degree flying fox camera and live action updates from commentators. Users can watch multiple holes at the same time with video player multi watch.

PGA LIVE is an exciting evolution of the sport and connects the game to a savvy, mobile audience.


Growth in on-ground fanship and tapping into a totally new millennial demographic for golf Mass growth in advertising partnerships and on ground data movement insight.

Deryll Naidoo