Future Hub Trend Intelligence

6,540 Digital Mag Downloads in under 8 Days.  



We are living through the 4th industrial revolution. For the first time, we now have the ability to alter our biology through technology. Future Hub is a company that addresses disruptive market trends and helps educate people, business, and brands on how to navigate through these to #BecomeFutureReady™.


Tom: was tasked with launching futurist company Future Hub to a global market. Our job was to help shift the mindset of a diverse group of people ranging from students to business owners, c-suite executives, and families. 

The first stage for Future Hub was to launch it's digital and social media platforms, with the key revenue generator of Paid Digital Mag downloads with a modest budget.



After a lengthy Business Intelligence session, we designed a strategy to begin a conversation in the US market, particularly in California, the home of disruptive trends. After this, we then tested a bullseye audience of students in India to produce a sample set in two major markets. 

During our Business Intelligence session, the positioning statement of #BecomeFutureReady™ was born. In a future of constant change, this tagline has the ability to carry the Future Hub message at launch phase through to multiple business horizons. 



Our campaign message positioned Future Hub™ digital trend mags as the most important new intelligence tool for students, employees, executives + entrepreneurs to #BecomeFutureReady™.

Through a robust social media campaign, using Facebook Custom Audiences, we targeted a sample audience on the East Coast and West Coast of the United States. A pre-campaign ignited interest in Future Hub™ and drove validation of brand before we launched into the US and Indian markets.



Using Facebook Custom Audiences, we were able to connect and build data acquisition through a modest budget. The core innovation was to communicate a future-ready message and start building a community in conversation.


Connected to 222,938 people over an 8 day period, with a total conversion of 6,540 downloads (2.9% conversion rate) 

Deryll Naidoo