Tom: Group have created a hybrid Chat-Bot and Live-Chat solution for Australia’s leading intellectual property and trade mark firm Watermark. Watermark, part of the Xenith IP Group approached Tom: Group looking for a solution that pre-qualified lead enquiries before they reached their lawyers and attorneys.


INNOVATIve chat solution.

Tom: Group strategised, created and developed a chat solution which operates 24/7, 365 days a year for Watermark. Watermark Chat features > An always ON Lead Enquiry Tool (During Office Hours and After Hours) > Custom Designed Conversation Chats > Local and Global enquiries > Live-Chat Option (During Office Hours) > Bespoke Watermark Content > Real-Time Analytics > Customer Data Capture > Accurate Lead Reporting.

If you would like a play click here to go to Watermark Chat.

View Trade Marks + PATENT User FilmS.


AI & Chatbot - The new wave

ChatBot Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the way companies are now doing business. It’s another defining moment in technology and is probably as significant as the invention of computers or smartphones — it will fundamentally change how we provide products and services to each other. The most pervasive and powerful use-case is the employment of Natural Language Processing algorithms to operate a chatbot to interact with your system of records, thus helping humans work on more smarter requirements.

Saving CompanIES time + money

A study by chatbots magazine has mentioned that businesses can minimise customer service costs by around 30% with conversational interfaces like chatbots. Average human interaction for customer service costs around $50-$60 per interaction while text interaction would only cost around $6-$10 per interaction.

Do you want this for your organisation?

Tom: Group are currently offering 10% Off our Hybrid Chatbot Solutions for Australian companies. If this interests you, please email Lucas Jellyman-Turner at lucas@tomgroup.com.au or call +61 420 203 607.

Deryll Naidoo